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Ten/Reinette - The Doctor's Wife fanvid

This is my first Ten/Reinette vid! My Doctor Who OTP!! I hope you enjoy! It's AU.

Storyline: The Doctor reads Reinette's mind and sees that Reinette knows his true name and that he marries her. He reads her letter after she dies and decides to go back earlier in her life to spend more time with her. He asks her to travel with him and she agrees. She sees the TARDIS and they dance among the stars. They have a few troubles because Reinette knows the Doctor is holding back because he knows she is going to die young. She tells him she knows what it's like to lose someone you love because she watched the Doctor leave. The Doctor knows he still loves her and wanting to make it work, he kisses her. They have a run in with Daleks and Jack saves Reinette from getting hit by a Dalek. The Doctor runs to her, not knowing there is another Dalek. He gets hit but regenerates part way, still keeping his same face. The Doctor remembers that she was with the king of France. He asks her if she misses him and she tells him the only one in her heart is the Doctor. Reinette thinks that it's time to end the relationship because the Doctor is still not giving himself fully. However, he does. He asks her to marry him. She accepts and they have good times together. She still has to go back to her time occasionally to fulfill her historic destiny...But with an extra surprise with her. The Doctor still visits her until she dies. He remembers the birth of their child, their last trip on the TARDIS (She asks him what she was wearing the first time they met. He remembers because he loves her.), and the last time with her when they know they will part forever. In the future, he finds a girl with a surprise.

Clips: Doctor Who, Moonlight, Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
Song: Find a way by Safety Suit

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