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Several The Girl In the Fireplace icons

Newbie post!
I asked someone from my flist for Ten/Reinette fic recs and as she did, she recommended I should post my Reinette icons over here. And who am I to say not to her? ;)

Several The Girl In The Fireplace icons, part of a Doctor Who iconpost,

[12] Doctor
[11] Donna
[16] Doctor & Donna
[11] Rose
[2] Doctor & Rose
[12] Martha
[4] Doctor & Martha

[15] Reinette
[9] Doctor & Reinette
[3] Misc

(Icons include images from "The Sontaran Stratagem", but nothing more spoilery than the title or a preview might spoil you)

( Off to the post )

* Credit moodymuse19
* No hotlinking
* Spread the Who love.

And now, I am off to browse your archive. *gleeful smile*
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