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Two fics I don't think I ever posted.

Title: Privacy
Author: ninkasa
Fandom: Doctor Who (2006)
Pairing: The Doctor/Reinette
Summary: Part of the AU where two minutes really was two minutes.
Word Count: 869
For riverdresses

He seemed to have no concept of privacy. Well, no, that wasn't true. He just did not seem to understand the notion that she might need privacy from him.

To be fair, he also had no difficulty dealing with her following after him whenever he would rather be alone. Something he did not do for anyone else. Not even Rose.

Then again, he did not wander into bedrooms and bath houses after Rose either.

Reinette pulled her hair back out of the water and smiled. "May I help you with something?"

The Doctor shrugged, placing his hands in his pockets and coming over to kneel next to the edge of the bathtub. "Not really. Well. . .I mean. No."

There was some credit to be given to this. . .inn that they had found. The people in charge certainly pulled out all the stops when it came to diplomatic visits.

Or people with psychic paper posing as diplomats.

They had gone out of their way to be kind to them. Making certain that there was nothing that could be complained about. Nothing that would make them look bad. All it had taken was Rose's innocent suggestion of, "a hot bath would be nice" and there were white porcelain tubs being hauled into their rooms.

Which had been brilliant and peaceful. Until The Doctor had apparently gotten bored.

“I do not suppose you have gone to inquire into Rose’s well-being?” Reinette smiled, more to hide the small hint of annoyance than anything else. There really did need to be some sort of rules about when it was inappropriate to barge in as if you owned the place. Or at least some sort of rules about knocking before barging in.

He stopped playing with a handful of bubbles and grinned. “I knocked. She called me names.”

Ah. His smile slipped slightly at the sight of the cup on resting on the side of the tub. “They gave you tea?”

Reinette raised an eyebrow. “Yes.”

“I think they like you more than me.” He lifted his hand and blew the bubbles off his fingers, sending a spray of lemon scented soap into the air.

Reinette watched the bubbles float and pop. “Someone is going to have to clean that up later.”

The Doctor looked down at the mess and then looked back up and grinned. “Good. They deserve it. Have you eaten any of the food?”

Reinette shook her head. “No. You said not to eat anything anyone gives us.”

“They might have assassins. Or just really bad cooks. I can’t tell which.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to ask how he knew, when he reached out and squeezed her knee slightly. Her question turned into a slight squawk of protest and she slipped her leg down under the water to get it away from him.

He was not behaving right at all. He was distracted. Well, more distracted than usual and not nearly as chatty as he usually was. And he had the distinct look that said “don’t ask”.

Reinette picked up the sponge that was floating in the water and held it out to him. “As long as you are here. You can make yourself useful.”

He looked down at the thing in his hand as if he were unsure of what it was for and then nodded. “As you wish.”

She would not come out and admit it, mostly because he would tease her mercilessly for days, but he was comforting. Something in the gentleness in his hands, still so hesitant to touch her even after so much time.

Reinette let her eyes close as she leaned forward to let him massage her shoulders slowly. After a long moment, she settled herself backwards, letting her head come to rest against his shoulder. She smiled when he kissed her temple, lingering there for a moment.

She did not bother with opening her eyes as she felt him moving around, but she let out a shriek at a splash of cold water cascading down over her body. “That was not nice.”

When she did open her eyes, he was smiling. “You were all soapy.” A quick kiss landed on the side of her mouth, she suspected he had been aiming for her eyes, but her opening them had thrown him a bit.

He leaned down to kiss her properly, letting out a slight gasp when she wrapped her fingers into his hair to keep him in place. She was trying to sort out how to maneuver to land him into the tub with her when he pulled away.

The Doctor picked up one of the white towel that the sycophants had brought and held it out to her. “You are going to get sick, sitting in cold water.”

The water was not really that cold, but Reinette nodded anyway. She stood up, letting him wrap the towel around her. She ran her hand through the strands of hair that had escaped her careful pinning and had gotten wet in their effort.

He took her hand and started tugging her towards the bed. “It’s warmer over by the fire.”

Reinette smiled, allowing herself to be pulled.

“As you wish.”

Title: Bravery
Author: ninkasa
Fandom: Doctor Who (2006)
Pairing: N/A.
Word Count: 1371

She should never have been there in the first place. Oh, later on, he would be glad she had been, because they might never have gotten out of there alive otherwise.

Well, he would have. But she and Rose might have been in a bit of trouble.

Her ability to remain calm under pressure was what may have saved them all. He had no idea what was happening, having gotten separated from them in the first place, leaving Rose and Reinette to fend for themselves.

Rose would tell him later that had it not been for Reinette’s quick thinking, they would still be in that prison cell. Because she had not been able to convince the guards there was nothing wrong with them. That they weren’t infected like the rest of the people.

To be fair, it would never have occurred to Rose to pretend to faint, but the guards had been just curious enough to open the door, giving them the chance to escape.

Rose would say that it would never have occurred to her to rush to stop the reactor from going off on their own. Her first impulse had been to get to him.

“It will do us no good to find him if we just blow up with the rest of the planet, cher. We are going to have to save ourselves first.”

If he had never thanked her for having a brain, he needed to do so now.


The only thing he remembered was the sound of Rose screaming before coming to outside the factory. He suspected he had finally passed out from the pain.

And the only thing he could hope was that they were alright. Because he could not see, but there were the sound of explosions and screaming coming from somewhere behind him.

And hands on his shoulders and suddenly Rose’s voice. “Doctor! We have to go! You need to move now. They’re gonna be really mad that we stopped them.”

He stumbled to his knees and then to his feet, his vision clearing to the sight before him. He turned to look at Rose as the soldiers poured out of the smoking building.

“What did you do?”

Rose shook her head and pointed over her shoulder to where Reinette was coming towards them. “Not my idea.”

“It was a mistake of them the just leave the explosives laying about where anyone could get to them,” Reinette said as she put his arm over her shoulder, helping Rose to support him. “If they did not want someone to destroy their weapon, they should not have made it so easy to place the explosives on it.”

He wanted to hug her, but was afraid that if he moved he would pass out again.


He thought perhaps he should take her home. She had certainly been traveling too long with them if she was starting to think like them.

“If you think that this is how the world should work then you are sorely mistaken, ambassador.” She was merely talking to stall, throwing him a somewhat desperate look as she did so.

He wanted to help, but the guns on Rose made it difficult to do so. If he made a move, they would shoot both her and Reinette and go right on with their plan for global domination.

Reinette moved herself behind the console, her voice raising over the sound of the generator.

“And perhaps if you had thought your plan through more clearly you would have realized you should not let your enemy anywhere near your control panel.”

Her finger hit the red button and the scientists and Rose both jumped, albeit for different reasons.

The whirring sounds stopped, as did the lights on the guns the soldiers were holding. Rose flung herself sideways, knocking the soldiers to the ground and throwing a look at him as another noise started.

This time the sound of metal and rock tumbling and crashing from the tunnels behind them made the room start to shake. He grabbed Reinette’s hand in one and Rose in the other and started to pull.

“Out! Quick before anything else decides to explode.” He turned back to the people surrounding them. “And if you lot had any intelligence, you’d do leave as well.”

When Rose asked later how she figured it out, she would smile and say simply, “The red button being the on switch was too obvious. Do you not watch movies?”


He didn’t understand at all why they should be listening to her and not him. Something had gone horribly askew in his universe.

Rose shrugged her shoulders when he gave her what he hoped wasn’t a too bewildered look.

To be fair, she did have a more commanding presence. Given as she was the only one not bruised or bloody and slightly more resplendent in priestess costume.

“I do not believe this is what the goddess wants. In fact I am certain it is not. Why would she create this world for you to inhabit only to have you destroy it for her now? She is a god of peace and kindness, she does not want you to lose your lives for her sake.” Reinette frowned then at the priest who was signaling wildly at her. “Some would claim themselves to be above you. For their own purposes try to convince you that your world would end with or without you. This is not the case. And She is not against you. You will thrive and flourish as you always have.” She threw a look then, more at Rose than at him, “This is my word. And as such the word of the goddess. You will take it as law.”

With more dignity than their precious goddess could have mustered, she turned on her heel and walked back towards the temple they had fled, leaving The Doctor and Rose to follow in her wake.


She should never have been put in that position. No pun intended. Although when he said it, she had smiled a somewhat humourless smile.

She had done it to save him. To save them all. A bargain he should never have struck. But he had not been able to think of what else to do. The man was hellbent on destroying everything.

He had thought it was a simple thing. “You have it in your power to save these people. Give me that and I will give you something that is in my power to give you.”

He had thought it would be a weapon or help creating something. Some exchange of power. For one wild moment, he had worried about the TARDIS. He should have thought, chosen his words more carefully.

He should have paid more attention. The way Gareth had watched them as they had toured the grounds with him. He had been solely focused on Reinette, not listening to him and ignoring it when Rose tried to ask questions.

It had just never crossed his mind that it would be a human trade.

He said “no.” Instantly. “No. She’s not mine to give.” And he wanted to go on, but Reinette had stepped in front of him.

“Fine. One life for several million.” She turned then to hug him, whispering softly. “Wait for me.”

Rose had been hysterical for days, milling about the town, wanting to go get her back and furious with him for allowing it to happen.

He wanted to storm the facilities. Be the knight on the white horse he had been once, but she had said “wait”.

And on the third day there was the sound of wailing from the palace balcony. Their leader was dead. Some servant or concubine had done it. A knife under his ribs.

Suddenly from behind Rose where they stood on the street watching the masses running to and fro, she appeared. Bruised, barefoot, her lip bleeding and a white dress stained red with blood.

“We should go. Now.” She waited a moment as he stared at her. “He is never going to hurt anyone again.” Turning slowly to head back down the side alley where they had left the TARDIS.

It was time to take her home.
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