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Doctor Who AU - Ten/Reinette - Just Breathe

I hope you enjoy my new Ten/Reinette vid! 

Storyline: The Doctor finds out about Reinettes death in GitF. He decides, after finding out that he is going to die, to go see Reinette again. Since he was a part of events, the journey to Reinette is difficult. Reinette sees the TARDIS arrive and goes in. She sees the Doctor. They spend time together and the Doctor asks her to travel with him. They go on horseback to the TARDIS with her friend seeing them off. After travelling for a while, the Doctor tells Reinette that he is going to die. She is devastated he is going to die, but they decide to continue life as normal with the TARDIS and their horse Arthur (who sneaks on the TARDIS when he is supposed to be in the stables ;) ). They live a happy life but then the Doctor realizes he is about to cross his timeline as his past self is going to save Reinette from the clockwork men. He has to leave her for a while. His past self comes and Reinette flirts a little much to the past Doctors curiosity. The Doctor comes back and makes a confession to Reinette. The Doctor knows Reinette must become mistress to the king of France so he lets her and she convinces Louis to let the Doctor stay at Versailles with her. They live happily but then the Doctor realizes Reinette is going to die soon. He tries to prevent it but goes slightly crazy. She warns him to be careful and the Doctor leaves to find a way to save her. He comes back to find out that she is ill. She dies and the Doctor is once again left without her.

Clips: Doctor Who, The Abduction Club, Dracula, Secret Smile (audio only), and Merlin
Song: Just Breathe by Pearl Jam

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